Airlift Technologies

Leveraging technology,
revolutionizing logistics and
building for self-empowerment

Self-empowerment with Airlift Express

Airlift offers 30-minute delivery of all household essentials. By operating a complex network 

of dark stores and mid-fulfillment centers, our platform brings efficiency and

 convenience to the traditional retail space. 

Technology-Backed Operations

Airlift’s algorithms constantly study trends in consumer demand and identify patterns to replenish dark stores. For each order delivered via our platform, there are more than 22 technology-enabled backend-processes that must work flawlessly.

Engineering Techstack

Airlift currently builds end-to-end technology in-house, cutting across 10+ standalone mobile products to 15+ web-based platforms that power the backend of our mid-fulfillment centers, dark stores and internal systems. Our consumer and driver applications are the end-points of our technology ecosystem, enabling users to interact with our platform.

8000+ Orders / Day
8 Cities and Expanding
3 Headquarters across Pakistan
30+ Retail Properties
3 Cities and Expanding
3 Headquarters across Pakistan

Join our team in creating impact

Joining the Airlift team means subscribing to a larger mission – our team views our work through the lens of the impact that we can create on the world. Life is short. Our time is limited.


Our team is a great place for individuals looking to do big things and fight against the odds.

Generating investment in the region

To date, Airlift has raised financing rounds adding to $110m, with a Series B of $85m marking the largest ever single private funding round in Pakistan’s history. 


On this journey, Airlift is backed by leading global investors including First Round Capital, Indus Valley Capital, Fatima Gobi Ventures, Quiet Capital, TrueSight Ventures, Shorooq Partners, ACE Capital, Josh Buckley (Product Hunt, Buckley Ventures), Harry Stebbings (20VC), Sam Altman (former president Y Combinator), Biz Stone (Twitter and Medium cofounder), Steve Pagliuca (Co-chair Bain Capital), Jeffrey Katzenberg (ex-CEO at Disney) and Taavet Hinrikus (Founder/CEO at TransferWise). The Series B round was also joined by Stanley Tang (Co-founder at DoorDash), Simon Borrero (Founder/CEO at Rappi), Baastian Lehman (Founder/CEO at Postmates), Quiet Capital and Indus Valley Capital.