Airlift’s culture is grounded in a set of our core values and operating principles. We believe that our team and culture are the true drivers behind Airlift’s growth.


Our core values define day-to-day life at Airlift. Since the early days, Airlift’s team has banked on grit, resilience, initiative and teamwork to find breakthrough solutions. Our teammates have lived on the front lines, distributing direct mail, knocking on doors and getting to know our customers. As the business scales, an entrepreneurial mindset driven by the Airlift values continues to be the hallmark of high-velocity execution across teams.

1% Better Everyday

We need to be learning machines – each week, we should solicit feedback and learn how we can get better at execution.

Bias to Action

We believe that you should make a decision when you are 70% certain. Moving with uncertainty is better than waiting for certainty.

Fight Like You’re Right, Listen Like You’re Wrong

If we believe in something, we stand up for it and fight with conviction. Alongside that, we try to listen intently and learn from other perspectives.

Be Relentless

Being an owner implies that you take true ownership for achieving the end outcome that you are responsible for. No matter what stands in your way, you will arrive at that end outcome.

Excel at Teamwork

Airlift’s impact depends on how well the team works together. We believe that the best-performing organizations consist of teammates that love working together.

Lead with Initiative

On our mission, we lead by taking initiative to solve problems and focusing on the impact we create. We take initiative when we see something that is suboptimal and can be done better.

Assume Good Intentions

In the absence of perfect information, we assume good intentions and trust our teammates. We believe that all successful relationships are built on assuming good intentions.

Live on the Front Lines

We expect teammates to live very close to the front lines, talk to customers, write code and experience operation flows.

Operating Principles

Airlift runs decentralized decision-making — our approach to business is to hire exceptional talent and enable them to drive decisions that are in line with our operating principles. We believe that those who are closest to the action are best positioned to make decisions. The best teams fail fast, iterate constantly, and lead with first-principles thinking in solving complex problems. 

Consumer-first mindset

Fighting for change

Global solutions over local solutions

First principles thinking

Hiring exceptional teammates

Iterating to excellence

Empathetic communication

Making defensible decisions

Being scrappy

Grit to find success

Measuring the right things


Management Approach

Management at Airlift is best understood as a service function. Managers are meant to serve others, remove bottlenecks and enable teams to perform better. Airlift’s management team fights for one goal – enable our teammates to be the best version of themselves.