Our mission is to build the rails of commerce across Asia and Africa

Airlift offers 30-minute delivery of all household essentials. By operating a complex network

of dark stores and mid-fulfillment centers, our platform brings efficiency and

convenience to the traditional retail space.


Airlift's Fulfillment Network

Airlift operates an advanced network of mid-fulfillment centers that receive inventory from manufacturers and suppliers. By using artificial intelligence to forecast demand, our platform moves consumer goods from fulfillment centers to dark stores, and ultimately to our customers.


Airlift’s algorithms constantly study trends in consumer demand and identify patterns to replenish dark stores. For each order delivered via our platform, there are more than 22 technology-enabled backend-processes that must work flawlessly.

Product Philosophy

Our customers are at the heart of what we build

Product decisions and prioritization are some of the most rigorously debated discussions.

Our view is that our product decisions must constantly be driven by a consumer-first mindset.

Airlift’s platform offers customers access to over 5,000 SKUs, spread out across categories.

Through supply chain innovation, our platform brings the highest quality of fresh produce

at the lowest possible cost. Ultimately, our vision is to build a farmer-to-consumer

distribution channel that brings mass efficiencies to the distribution chain.

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