To Combat Covid-19, Airlift Suspends Operations, Launches Pilot Relief Fund

August 28, 2021

Given that the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in 250+ confirmed cases in Pakistan, I view it as our collective responsibility to fight back, to prevent the spread, and to act in the collective interest.


Every day, Airlift has been receiving hundreds of messages from concerned customers and pilots, reporting how buses are enabling the spread of the virus. Based on actual data, it is clear to us that crowded buses and enclosed settings pose a high risk environment. Our team will not sit back and let our buses spread the virus that can potentially kill thousands of individuals. Airlift will, therefore, suspend operations immediately, effective March 19th, 2020.


Our decision is driven by what lies in the best interests of our passengers. We encourage individuals to avoid riding in buses — it will put you at risk of contracting the virus, an outcome that can impact your health and that of your family members. We encourage the broader mass transit industry to do the right thing, to suspend operations immediately. Given the magnitude of what is at risk, we urge the government to take decisive action to temporarily suspend mass transit activities, with perhaps the exception of a handful of routes.


For our customers, we have published a list of FAQs here to share further details on the situation. Through push notifications, emails and social media posts, we look forward to spreading awareness about how to combat Covid-19 — we will continue to act in the collective interest.


For our pilot community, we are establishing the Airlift Relief Fund to raise capital via donations to double the average monthly bonus of the pilot community in these challenging times.


Airlift will continue to act in the collective interest. For feedback, comments, suggestions or other ideas on how we can improve — I can be reached directly at