Small steps toward a greener Pakistan

August 28, 2021

“A fundamental shift needs to take place across Pakistan’s industrial, agricultural and transportation practices, to make sure they are consistent with people’s human rights.” (Amnesty International, 2019)


Airlift is an organization that takes pride in being made in Pakistan — with this pride, however, we feel a great responsibility toward our country. In actively driving change, Airlift is responsible for, and committed to, creating a mass movement toward a cleaner and greener Pakistan. Today, we’d like to share with the broader community how we plan to transform our vision for a greener Pakistan into actionable reality.


At a societal level, there is a pressing need for structural changes that incentivize the use of vehicles that have lower emissions. As a step toward that, we have decided to create structural incentives on our platform to promote vehicles with lower emissions. By establishing a direct causal relationship between financial rewards and emissions, Airlift seeks to create the right structural incentives and market mechanisms to bring about change.


We invite the broader community to actively participate in creating similar incentive systems that reward vehicles that have lower emissions. In a world full of conscious consumers, our policy is designed to show our commitment to our people; our customers. We want to be the pioneers in preventing climate change, in promoting a new vein of environmental consciousness at the enterprise level. Protecting our customers goes beyond gaining market share — we stand for doing the right thing, for working hand in hand with other parties and groups working toward this mission.


We want to go beyond making travel convenient, safe and comfortable. By implementing greener commuting practices, and by creating structural incentives for low emission vehicles, we want our impact to be lasting and to be felt across generations to come. In the first quarter of 2020, we look forward to announcing the impact of the structural incentives that we plan to deploy.


Lets #ThinkGreen.