Six Steps, Six Months, Enhancing Pilot and Passenger Safety.

August 28, 2021

At Airlift, your safety is our priority. After publishing our in-ride code of conduct, we have been documenting passenger stories, experiences, and recommendations, as well as recording the feedback from our pilots. Based on recent cases, we have devised a six-month strategy to enhance your safety and comfort in the following six ways:


  1. Initially, when Airlift first took off, our pilots were verified for having their basic identification documents and licenses. Now, we have established a detailed procedure and partnered with an independent third-party provider to conduct detailed background screening for all of our pilots before they get behind the wheel of an Airlift vehicle.
  2. Our in-app check-in and check-out system is in the works! This new feature will allow you and your pilot to ensure that you are on the right vehicle and heading in the right direction as per your plans.
  3. Soon, our “share your location” feature will be enabled so your journey is being tracked with your loved ones for your safety and their comfort. 
  4. We are planning to install safety cameras on certain routes to record your journey to discourage any inappropriate behavior, disruption or discomfort you may experience in your ride.
  5. We are designing our safety button feature, which will become available after you have checked-in and for you during your ride to press in any case of emergency. This feature will automatically share your live location to your emergency contact and inform our Airlift Headquarters to take action once you have pressed on it.
  6. We are working on continuously automating and enhancing customer support. We are going to continue to improve our help and support in-app features to ensure we are here to listen and to track your feedback, while our call center agents can focus on more pressing issues that you may be experiencing.


Airlift is obsessed with enhancing pilot and passenger experience. We want you to know Airlift is working hard on constantly improving our services and your feedback is key in helping us make this change!