Airlift’s Commitment to the Collective Interest

August 28, 2021

Given the Covid-19 threat, individuals and businesses need to put the collective interest above individual preferences. In other countries, governments have either shut down public transport, or have banned the use of cash. The below post is our attempt to provide clarity on how we will proceed.


The exchange of cash is a known medium for the spread of Covid-19. While Airlift runs a cashless business, the buses that operate on the platform provide a crowded space with many passengers. There is a lot that we do not know about the virus; what we do know, however, is that crowded spaces enable the spread.


In order to play an active role in flattening the curve, and in reducing the spread of the virus, Airlift will be taking the following measures:


  • Collaborate with the Government — Airlift is proactively engaging with the relevant provincial and federal governments to determine how to curtail the spread on public transportation. Our priority, first and foremost, is our community of users both in Lahore and in Karachi. The Company reserves the right to disable bookings on the platform should the government determine that the service must be suspended for a given period. Airlift remains committed to acting in the collective interest.
  • Take Preventative Measures — Airlift will push hand sanitizers en masse in buses and will require all pilots to clean their buses before and after each shift along with routine ventilation of the vehicle to ensure a clean environment.
  • Take Decisive Action — As the situation unfolds over the next 24-48 hours, we will take decisive action to proactively prevent the spread. Our position will be based on the collective interest of our community to ensure that we play our role to avoid the spread.


Airlift was founded on the idea of creating a positive impact on the world. As Pakistan coalesces to combat the Covid-19 threat, we remain committed to put our customers first and to play our role in being proactive and not reactive.


If you have ideas or suggestions, please send them our way by emailing I will be looking through each and every suggestion that comes our way — our obsession with our customers will guide our thinking as we combat the Covid-19 threat.