Airlift pioneers a new era of a people-centric corporate culture

August 28, 2021

Nurturing Employee Experience


Last year when we set out to revolutionize mass transit, we not only wanted to change Pakistan’s commute landscape but also create a unique work culture that is nurturing and engaging for our employees. We believe that if we focus on employee experience, our employees will help build an enhanced pilot and passenger experience. That belief lies at the foundation of how we are building our culture at Airlift.


At Airlift, we believe that people are at their best when they have full autonomy, control, and freedom on how they plan and conduct their work. From selecting the right roles that align with their superpowers, to embracing work hours that work well, employees own and define their own experience at Airlift.


How do we make our employees look forward to Mondays?


We are committed to delivering impact, not just billing hours. We do not mandate working hours and do not evaluate people on facetime. We encourage our teammates to focus on deliverables and impact, and not on facetime.


How do we empower employees?


We promote decentralized decision making and an autonomous modus operandi. The person closest to the information needs to make decisions. We encourage running experiments, failing quickly and learning in the process. The key to growth is to have an unparalleled sense of ownership and drive to learn more. We do our part by encouraging our team members to focus on self-management rather than being managed by others.


How do you turn your colleagues into a work family?


We continuously show and build empathy by encouraging transparency across the board. We expect colleagues to address each other with the utmost respect and care. We try to promote a culture of feedback, one in which each teammate is actively celebrating the wins of others. We aren’t running in a marathon against one another; in fact, it is not about individual wins; instead, it is more about what the team is able to accomplish together. Our motto in our office is; one team, one fight!


How does Airlift support its teammates?


We want our teammates to know that they are trusted — we have, therefore, introduced unlimited paid vacations, self-proposed paid parental leaves, and unlimited sick leaves. We believe in allowing our teammates to find the right balance between work and life outside of work; we believe that this balance will, and in fact should, differ across individuals and teams. The happier our employees are, the more successful the business will be.


The Airlift culture, like our service, is unique, and a product of thoughtful deliberation and teamwork. As we scale, we want to make sure that we stay true to our core values, and make our employees the core focus of the Airlift family.


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