Airlift In-Ride Code of Conduct

August 28, 2021

Our Airlift code of conduct is designed to provide our riders with a safe environment during their journey, as well as aims to provide all with a positive and comfortable in-ride experience. We believe it is crucial that the relationship between our passengers and our pilots is handled with utmost sensitivity and with the highest ethical standards. Your feedback drives our strategic priorities and we want you to know we are listening and are continuously focused on how we can improve.


We have started defining our code of conduct on the four following items, and we are constantly updating and defining our policy, based on the input and the insights of our passengers and pilots.


At Airlift, everything begins with being respectful. This may seem very simple, however, we are working very hard on inculcating this trait in our culture through soft skills training for both our employees and pilots. Our belief is to always treat people as we would want to be treated.


When on an Airlift ride, we expect our passengers and pilots to act in good faith at all times. All travelers, including the pilot, must be culturally sensitive and act in accordance with societal norms.


Always conduct yourself professionally on an Airlift vehicle. Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down others. Please choose your words carefully and speak in a kind manner to all individuals.


Any sort of threatening behavior, physical violence, inappropriate behavior, abuse, harassment will immediately be notified to our headquarters where our internal committee will investigate, consult with those who have been affected, fellow passengers, and provide the best resolution.


We want to ensure that the environment on our vehicles is inclusive of all. We have added priority seating stickers, hoping that all individuals enjoy a comfortable commute. Priority seats have been designated to allow elderly, disabled, pregnant women and the injured to ride public transport with an equal degree of access and comfort as other passengers. Please be mindful when selecting your seat on the vehicle. If you are seated in a priority seat, please change your seat if you see a person that may require this seat.



We want to thank all of our passengers and pilots who are helping us in our mission to provide a safe and comfortable commuting experience in Pakistan. Airlift is here for you, and we are hoping your support in making this a reality. @AirliftTechnologies #PakistanKaAirlift #RideAirlift